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Duck Liver and Meat Paté
110 g Duck Liver and Meat Paté, Accompanied with Vegetables, and Baked Bread90 CZK
120 g Dripping, Served with Apple Horseradish, Beetroot, and Baked Bread75 CZK
Beetroot Carpaccio
100 g Beetroot Carpaccio, grilled goat cheese, caramelized onion, rocket 140 CZK
Tartar of Rump steak
100 g Tartar of Rump steak, Dijon mustard, shallot, tomato puree, kapari, roast toast 4 pcs 140 CZK


Beer onion soup
0,3 l Beer onion soup flawoured withour own Black Beer and port wine, Bread Croutons, and Cheddar Cheese 48 CZK

Cold Platter

Smoked sausage
300 g Smoked sausage (smoked, sausage, paprika) sour cucumber, tomato, pickled onions, fresh bread 150 CZK
Cheese dish
300 g Cheese dish (eidam, cheddar, camembert, nuts) nuts, toasted bread 150 CZK

something to accompany beer

Pork side
250 g Pork side marinated in white yoghurt and fresh horseradish, baked and served cold, cherry tomatoes, sour cucumber and fresh bread 130 CZK
Sausage Pickled in Our Own Kitchen
1 ks Sausage Pickled in Our Own Kitchen in a Piquant Pickle of Spices, Onions and Hot Peppers, Baked Bread55 CZK
Minced Meatballs
100 g Minced Meatballs Pickled in Our Own Kitchen in a Piquant Marinade, Baked Bread60 CZK
Pork in own juice
150 g Pork in own juice, sour cucumber, cherry tomato, fresh bread80 CZK
Grilled Camembert
1pc Grilled Camembert, Onion Marmalade, Cranberry Sauce, Fresh Bread 60 CZK
100 g Roasted nuts with salt 40 CZK
100 g Roasted sunflower seeds with salt 30 CZK
1pc Prelude with salt and chia seed 25 CZK
200 g Salted fried potatoes with variations of dip 60 CZK


Stewed Beef Neck in Wine Sauce
200 g Stewed Beef Neck in Wine Sauce with Root Vegetables, Mashed Potatoes with Butter and Herbs 210 CZK
Rump steak
200 g Rump Steak, Served With Creamy Potatoes, Roast Beet, Fried Onion and Thyme Jus 280 CZK
Beef Steak
250 g Beef Steak, Strudel made from rice, millet grain and mashroom, rost pepper, strong jus 290 CZK
Beef Goulash in Black Beer Sauce
150 g Beef Goulash in Black Beer Sauce, Red Onion, Bacon Dumplings160 CZK
Overnight Roast Beef Ribs
500 g Overnight Roast Beef Ribs with Spices and Herbs, Roast Potatoes and Grilled Shallots290 CZK


Grilled pork neck
200 g Grilled pork neck, chateau potatoes with vegetables, fried onion, strong jus 190 CZK
Sous-vide pork steak
200 g Sous-vide pork steak, glazed carrot, potato strudel with mushrooms, cognacsauce with cream220 CZK
Slowly Roast Pork Loin
200 g Slowly Roast Pork Loin, Buckwheat risotto, grilled zucchini and strong jus 240CZK
Roasted pork knuckle
1pc Roasted pork knuckle in beer marinade, vegetables, horseradish, mustard, fresh bread 210 CZK


Confit of Duck Leg in Lard
1 ks Confit of Duck Leg in Lard, Red Cabbage with Apples and Raisins, Potato Dumplings220 CZK
Chicken Supreme from Breast
1 ks Chicken Supreme from Breast, Prepared Using the Sous-Vide Method, Roast Polenta, Slowly Roast Pumpkin, Rucola Pesto, Thick Demi Glace210 CZK


Leg of Fallow Deer
200 g Leg of Fallow Deer in Rosehip Sauce with Fine Bread Dumplings260 CZK
Slowly Roast Saddle of Boar with Thyme
200 g Slowly Roast Saddle of Boar with Thyme, Mashed Potatoes, Grilled Courgette, Wine Reduction from Port260 CZK


Veget burger
150 g Veget burger, smoked Tofu, vegetables, spicy mayonnaise, roasted onion, relish, roasted potato, our tartar 170 CZK
Beef burger
200 g Beefburger made of chuck roll eye, garlic mayonnaise, onion jam, relish, bacon, cheddar, roasted potato, our tartar 190 CZK


Penne pasta with chicken
150g Penne pasta with chicken, basil pesto, cherry tomatoes, young spinach and Parmesan cheese 160 CZK


Salad from fresh vegetables
220 g Salad from fresh vegetables, lettuce, Parmesan dressing, roasted peppers and grilled chicken breast Supreme, herb toast 190 CZK
Salad from fresh vegetables
200 g Variation of Leaf Salads, Raspberry Dressing, Roast Sweet Potatoes, Smoked Tofu on the Grill, Marinated in Herbs, Herb Toast 180 CZK


Chocolate fondant
Chocolate fondant supplemented with edible clay, cheese cream and fresh fruits80 CZK
Our Apple Strudel
Our Apple Strudel in Beer Batter with Green Apple Sorbet and Fresh Cream70 CZK